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4 simple tips for decorating your imaginarium… “Wait, my what!?”

You’ve decorated the living room, organised the study and decked out the patio, but what about your imaginarium? No, we haven’t lost our marbles, your house does have  imaginarium. Well, most houses do. Yours may not look like an imaginarium yet but we promise it exists… it’s your kids room!

It’s the room where imagination happens, where dreams start and come to life- often in the form of lego. Most of the fun happens naturally but there are a few ways you can spark your child’s creativity through design. Today we’re sharing five kids bedroom design trends to make you wish you were a kid all over again.


Let’s pick a theme!

Every kids room design sits on a scale of 1 to slide-in-the-room. Where your design falls is a balance of creativity and budget. It might be every kids’ dream to have a tree house bunk bed, but you already know you’ll have to replace it in two years. Have you got a young Ronaldo “kicking” around home? Is your little girl a budding Disney Princess? Use these passions to get your design started, then balance it out with budget and longevity in mind. An easy way to do this If you’re working on a budget (let’s face it that’s all of us), is to buy expensive items that will last a long time and fill in the details with decorations related to their passions.


You’ll never regret more storage.

Kids have toys and lots of them…so instead of tripping over toy cars and barbie dolls every time you enter you child’s room it’s important to consider your storage options.  The trusty toy box comes in many shapes and sizes these days, from pirate treasure chests to storage that also doubles as a seat (or boat in some instances…).  If you’re a DIY fiend it’s nice to personalise your kid’s toy box with their name, favourite colour and matching bedroom theme.  Wall shelving is also a great way to keep things tidy and out of reach of those little hands… but beware when your kids discover that they can climb on things to reach those shelves.  If you’re limited for space, under-bed storage boxes are a great solution for your kid’s room.

The ready-made feature wall

Painting a room takes a lot of time and money, particularly when favourite colours can change daily! A cheaper and easier wall way to add fun into your kids room is to use wall stickers. Wall stickers can bring a room to life, from detailed forrest stickers to simple animal decals, you’re sure to find something to bring their room to life. Best of all, most can easily be removed or replaced without damaging your paint finish.

Build-Your-Own Decorationskidsroompictures

We recommend redecorating your child’s room as a school holiday project. Why? You automatically enlist volunteers, filling up some “I’m bored” holiday time with craft projects. You can use broken toys to create abstract 3-D art or freeze lego creations in time to display proudly on the bookshelf. Our absolute favourite Build-your-own decoration however has to be framed drawings. The reason we love them- they’re permanent. They’ll stay long after your kids have left home and the room becomes your office, a constant reminder of the cherished times.

The best part about tackling a kids room makeover is it’s the room that’s never quite finished. In two years your kids will be ready for a new style and you’ll have recovered long enough to enjoy the whole process again. Think of it as the room that will keep your design ideas ticking over and completely original.

Thinking of tackling a kids room design? Start with the Digital Decorator Visualiser.

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