Everything is Rosy

Rose gold has made it’s comeback in a massive way – in everything from jewellery and watches to clothing and interior design. Warm rose gold tones blend well with a variety of colours and can be used to compliment either a bold, masculine look or a soft, feminine vibe. If you’re considering adopting this trend for your home this year, read on to discover the best ways to integrate this trend within your home.

Reflect Your Style

The best thing about rose gold decor is that it is literally reflective, which means it adds both another texture and a sense of drama to your space. Brass and chrome metallic finishes have both had their moment in the spotlight, but the coppery tone of rose gold is taking over due to the versatility and ability to compliment every design scheme. While it is a gender neutral shade, it is the complimenting decor and colour choices that will identify it as either feminine or masculine.

Fit It Out
If choosing to renovate either your kitchen or bathroom, opt for a luxurious choice when choosing your fittings. There are a huge selection of rose gold bath and kitchen faucets available on the market, meaning you can be as subtle or dramatic as your style allows. Another way to compliment your bathroom fittings is with a rose gold towel rack or candle holders. Alternatively, your kitchen faucets can be complemented with rose gold appliances.

tap      kitchen      towel rack

Office Chic
If you spend a lot of time in your home office, it’s important to reflect your personality and create a space that inspires you. Embracing the rose gold trend in this space can be as simple as a mousepad and matching pencil holders. If you want to add a little extra to your office, rose gold clocks or desk lamps are both a functional and stylish decor choice.

office      clock bedroom

Choose An Accent
If you prefer a less dramatic style statement, as opposed to a lead colour within a room, there are endless ways to accentuate your existing colour scheme. Decorative pendant lights, rose gold cushions or vases all add a subtle flair to any room – while complementing your existing decor. For the best impact, warm pinkish beige tones or greys and dark chocolate browns will provide the best colour contrast for your chosen rose gold accent.

cushions      flowers






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