Unless you’ve been living under a rock (minimalist trends continuing- watch out for a 2016 blog on this) you’ve surely heard about Scandinavian design. Be honest- the first time you heard it, you smiled and nodded but had no idea what the conversation was about, right?

If this is the first time you’ve heard the term, no need to smile and nod. Scandinavian design is a combination of the best parts of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. What we get when they all come together is the best possible mix of, simplicity and functionality.

We think every room (everywhere!) could use a touch of Scandinavia but maybe none more so than the living room. If you’ve only ever dreamed of hearing beautiful, simple and functional, or maybe just one of these used to describe your living room- read on! We will share some tips for making this a reality thanks to our Northern European friends.

We all know the KISS analogy is about simplicity … this rule also applies to decorating your home. Keep It Simple, Stupid or Keep It Scandinavian, Stupid? Either way,the key is simplicity and it’s what we see in homes today being influenced by Scandinavian design principles.

sc1One of the best ways to keep everything simple (and Scandinavian) in your living room is through colour, or lack of colour. A monochrome colour palette is standard for a Scandinavian-inspired home. This includes walls, couches, art and rugs. This may sound all too boring for you, but trust us there is so much depth that can be added to a room by combining a monochrome palette with a variety of textures and patterns.

If you’re not satisfied with monochromes, there is still hope for your Scandinavian friendship. Create depth with shades first and then bring some life back in with pops of colour to draw the eye. Two accent colours used regularly in Scandinavian design are (shades of) blue and pink, although most colours will work if used in short bursts. Bring dashes of colour in through lamp shades, art, or even a plant.

Form follows Function
This design principle must be tattooed on every Scandinavian designer’s hand because for all the simplicity, functionality has only become stronger. We tip our hats to the following design ideas that although they’ve been stripped back, are actually better!

Who would have thought the calendar could be improved? Well, take away the lines and pictures, make the numbers bigger and what you have left is a calendar that looks like art and can be read quickly from anywhere in the living room.

Mould the shape of the chair to your sitting-self in timber. Add just the right amount of fabric and cushioning. What is left is a chair you’d be happy to hang on the wall as art, if it wasn’t so darn comfortable.sc3

We don’t have much to say about Scandinavian style couches other than the fact that your favourite couch probably is one.

Add character
When simplicity and functionality go walking through a house, beautiful rooms follow closely behind. This is the catch-cry of Scandinavian design. If you’re committed to a Scandinavian themed design in your living room and throughout your home, be sure to add some personal touches and splashes of your favourite colour. Bring your personality in to make it your own.

To see how your living room might look with some inspiration from Scandinavia, visit the Digital Decorator Visualiser.

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