Can I use my own photos or only use stock options within the software?

Unfortunately, you cannot use your own photos. Every image is professionally photographed and then each selectable surface is rendered in order for you to see the closest to "realistic" scheme. We have chosen many different styles of rooms to cater for different tastes.

When trying to save a scheme, I am prompted to log in or sign up. When I try to log in, I get an 'incorrect details' message.

After designing a room and attempting to save a scheme, you will need to 'Sign Up' for only the first time to be able to save your design.

How do I get into the visualiser?

You will need to register your details on the website and press submit and it will take you to the visualiser.

How many schemes can I save?

You can save up to 2 schemes at a time per category.

Despite the ranges of tiles and colours, I can't seem to find the ones I want?

The suppliers products are determined by the suppliers' product range available. Product ranges are constantly updated.

Is it free to register?

It is free to register and use the visualiser.

How do I get into the visualiser after I have already signed up?

Go to 'Use Visualiser' tab and this will take you to the log in for the visualiser

Will it run on mac or PC or any other devices?

The Visualiser is acceptable on all devices.

Is it an app?

The Visualiser is not a downloadable app and can be used inside web browsers.

What is the best browser to use the visualiser?

The best browser for the Visualiser is Google Chrome.

I keep on entering my email address and it errors out.

The email address needs to be in lower case.

Can I enter my own meaurements?

Unfortunately the Visualiser cannot currently adapt to specific measurements, but future development may allow this functionality.